New MUJI Furniture: “Body Fit Cushion”

Body Fit Cushion

Hit Product in Japan Finally Comes to U.S.

Superlative comfort combined with a functionality suited to small spaces have made the Body Fit Cushion one of MUJI’s most popular products in Japan. It finally comes to the U.S., on sale at the end of April.

Japan has a long history of making floor-level seating comfortable. MUJI’s new “Body Fit Cushion” combines that culture with modern materials and manufacturing.

FILLING Microbead filling (with individual particles much smaller than filling in traditional beanbags) offers a high degree of softness and support. The small beads also resist crushing over time to offer durability in terms of the life of the product. COVER Removable and washable.

SHAPE Its squared off shape offers greater support by keeping cushioning where it’s needed most, whether you sit on top or simply recline against it with your head and upper body.

DESIGN BRIEF The design was developed through a series of crowdsourcing style surveys that directed the project. In the first round, customers showed overwhelming interest in “a large cushion that fits the entire body.” At the next stage, customers further refined this into a cushion with “a fabric cover and solid material filling.” Other stages allowed customers to make other demands in areas such as neck support, size, flexibility, function.

 Size: 55 x 55 x 38 cmPrice: $190.00Colors: brown, grey-beige available late April. Other colors such as navy and “sakura” pink available in summer.




Click image for Hi-res image and samples available on request:













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