MUJI Opens New US Flagship and 1st Mall Location Mid-2015


MUJI to Open New California Store (Palo Alto)


New U.S. Flagship (NYC)


MUJI opens two new stores in mid-2015: the first in Palo Alto’s Stanford Shopping Center in July, the second on New York City’s Fifth Avenue in the fall.


MUJI Palo Alto

MUJI Palo Alto offers over 4,500 square feet of retail space and is the first time for MUJI to offer its products at a shopping mall in the US. The venture into a mall, in this case, aligns closely with the area’s retail culture.

MUJI Fifth Avenue – “Fifth on Fifth”

MUJI Fifth Avenue is the 5th MUJI location in Manhattan. It is at 475 Fifth Avenue, by the corner of Fifth Avenue and Library Way (41st Street), across from the NYPL’s Schwartzman Building. With approximately 3,250 square feet of retail space on the ground floor and 8,400 below ground, it is the brand’s largest location in the US and will become the country’s new MUJI flagship store.


ABOVE: MUJI’s most recently opened store in Santa Monica.


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