Product fitness 80 in San Francisco, August 24th – 30th

Product fitness 80

“What would happen if we used 20% less materials and energy to make products?”

MUJI U.S.A. LIMITED will present Product fitness 80 exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center (934 Brannan St.) in San Francisco from Friday, August 24th till Thursday August 30th, 2012. Admission is free to the exhibition.


Special Events:

KATE STOHR from Architecture for Humanity (Talk Show) on August 25.

SHING02 + DJ ICEWATER (Talk Show & Live Concert: $7 advance and $10 at door) on August 30.
Further information on the exhibition and special events is available at


After the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and the subsequent nuclear disaster in Japan, those impacts are forcing people to reconsider lifestyles dependent on the excess consumption of resources.

Acting in unison with people thinking about their new styles of life, from August 24th to August 30th, MUJI will present Product fitness 80, an exhibition at SOMArts in San Francisco that calls for a reconsideration of the way in which MUJI addresses product design and product “fitness”.

The figure 80 reflects on what would happen if we were to make all products using just 80% of the materials and energy that we have been using to date.

MUJI constantly exercises self-restraint in the design and manufacture of its products, asking itself “is this necessary?” or “is this going too far?”

Product fitness 80 reflects MUJI’s belief that a little restraint will change our life and the world.

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