MUJI Times Square Reopens 11/20

MUJI Times Square will reopen on 20 November with a new layout to improve customer experience and provide a clearer view of what MUJI offers, not only in terms of product range but also philosophy. The changes may appear small to the average customer, however these sorts of careful advances in design and functionality reflect the spirit of kai-zen (continual improvements) that is key to the MUJI spirit.

In order to mark the reopening of the store, MUJI will offer a limited number of children’s socks for the holiday season, the first time any of MUJI’s children’s clothes will have been offered in the U.S. The socks offer comfort and warmth for small children in the winter season and serve as a metaphor for the small steps MUJI always takes to refine and improve products and stores.

The socks are a kid’s version of MUJI’s popular 90º socks. The right-angle socks were inspired by those traditionally knit in the Czech Republic and which MUJI found grandmothers knitting there today. The right angle (as opposed to the more common angle of around 120º) mimics the natural shape of the foot and leads to greater comfort and warmth as well as a neck that doesn’t slide down the ankle.

Kid’s socks are available in a limited quantity starting 20 November at MUJI Times Square only ($5.00 for a set of 2 pair).
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