Press Release: Aging Skin Care

Time to change skincare from lighter to more moisturizing as summer gives way to dryer air

Starting from mid-August, MUJI launches its Aging Care series of skincare across all its U.S. locations.

The 12-product range includes toning waters, moisturizing milks and creams, cleansing gel cream and face soap, as well as shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. The series fights dryness and signs of aging while promoting elasticity and a natural glow. Active ingredients and natural extracts nourish skin and encourage cell turnover. It is particularly suited for dry, mature skin over the age of thirty.

Among the natural extracts are those of arnica and pomegranate. Arnica has long been used for skin-care to promote moisture and firmness. Pomegranate has gained popularity as a food with anti-aging properties; topically, it promotes smooth, firm, youthful-looking skin.

Natural extracts and age-fighting agents are not the only ingredients MUJI is particular about. It also takes especial care to ensure that the best water available is used. Asako Shimazaki, President of MUJI USA LIMITED, says, “regardless of the manufacturer, most skincare products of this kind are around 90% water, so naturally MUJI is particular about the water we use.” Shimazaki was also in-volved in the overall development of the aging care series.

At left, from top: Threes and snow are the pre-dominant features of the landscape around Mount Omine in Iwate Prefecture, where MUJI sources the water for its aging care line. The entrance to the long disused coal mine where “the Hermit’s Secret Spring” lies. Inside the cave, the water is sourced and shipped so that it never comes in contact with air.

MUJI sources its water from Mount Omine in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture. It is called Sen-Nin Hi-Sui, or “the hermit’s secret spring.” Rainwater and melted snow filter over decades through layers of granite, limestone and naturally magnetic iron ore, and ultimately collect in a subterranean cav-ern some 2,000 feet in the mountain’s bedrock. This results in a natural water with the unusual characteristic of being both slightly basic and also extremely soft (i.e., with few impurities). The pH (8.8) is nearly the same as that of human tears and highly soft water is a superlative ingredient for skincare that is to soak into the outermost layer of the skin.

Shimazaki describes the site in Iwate where the water is collected: “There’s nothing near Mount Omine, just trees. Many years ago there was an active coalmine in the mountain and today you can take a truck into the mine. The ride takes about 20 minutes and you wind up in a different world quite deep underground. There in the bed-rock you can hear quietly but distinctly the sound of droplets falling into a pool of water. The water we actually use is taken by a stainless steel pipe sunk into the rock. It emerges from the pipe all on its own, without any pump. The water goes straight from within the bedrock into a tank with-out ever coming in contact with the air and from there goes to our facility that produces the aging care range.”

MUJI has offered skincare products since 1997. The first product was a basic moisturizer. Since then, it has responded to customers’ calls for other products, including skincare for sensitive skin and organic skincare.

Shimazaki adds, “People rely on skincare as part of their daily routines, so MUJI, as a company that strives to offer products that fill needs across all areas of people’s daily lives, is committed to offering skincare that balances affordability with superlative quality and functionality.”

5 Active Ingredients: Water-soluble collagen, hydrolysis collagen, hyaluronic acid Na, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, lipidure

10 Natural Extracts: Arnica, pomegranate, raspberry, peach, apricot, lemon, rose, chamomile, calendula, lavender

Aging Care Product Range

• Light Toning Water (light, moisture & high moisture)
• Moisturising Milk (light, moisture & high moisture)
• Moisturising Cream (regular & high moisture)
• Cleansing Gel Cream
• Moisture Face Soap
• Damage Care Shampoo & Conditioner

1 2 3
4 5 6
❶ Light Toning Water: light ($22.00/200ml), moisture ($22.00/200ml), and high moisture ($22.00/200ml). ❷ Moisturising Milk: light ($22.00/150ml), moisture ($22.00/150ml) and high moisture ($22.00/150ml). ❸ Moisturising Cream: regular ($20.00/50g) and high moisture ($22.00/45g). ❹ Cleansing Gel Cream ($16.00/150g). ❺ Moisture Face Soap ($14.00/100g). ❻ Damage Care Shampoo ($19.00/400ml) and Conditioner ($14.00/200ml).
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